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  1. Submit your source document by e-mail. No need to have the original mailed: a good scanned copy suffices, provided all texts, seals and stamps are readable. Even if it is a standard document (i.e a Vital Statistics Certificate) I need to look at it as they come in different shapes and forms depending on the Province and Year of issue. 

  2. You get a free no obligation quote and turnaround for the service you require. 

  3. If you decide to proceed, a soft copy is sent for approval once the translation is completed.

  4. The hard copy duly signed and stamped is mailed to an address of your choice – unless you prefer to pass by and collect it.

  5. Payment is required in advance. You may pay with: email transfer, bank transfers, cheques, Paypal.


  • Complexity. Specialized subjects, requiring a degree of research to guarantee an accurate translation, are more expensive than texts employing generic, ordinary language. Standard documents (i.e Vital Statistic certificates) are less costly than ad hoc prepared documents    

  • Timeframe: If a particular urgency is required a surcharge is probably applied as it would disrupt my working schedule and force me to ignore other opportunities for translations.

  • Quantity: A large amount of  translations may trigger bulk discounts.

  • Delivery method: you may ask for a delivery via XpressPost or courier. This would add the relevant cost to the quote.

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